Review of the Statement Issued by Squaw Valley on the Upper Mountain Water Quality

Squaw Valley released a detailed statement in response to claims that coliform and E. coli bacteria were found in the drinking water available in the upper mountain area of Squaw Valley. This health concern was reported by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8. The water has undergone consistent treatment from then and is improving well. Wesley Nicks, Placer County Environmental Health director spoke to Sierra Sun on the issue. He stated that three out of four wells serving the upper mountain contained coliform in low levels but E. coli was not found. Apart from the closure of restaurants at upper mountain and skiers banned from drinking the water until the situation was contained, no other major health issues were observed.



Statement on the Water Quality at Upper Mountain, Squaw Valley



In October, unusual heavy rain storms affected a number of water systems found in Placer County. This led to the inundation of a water system that had been upgraded and installed during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. This was the only water system that got contaminated out of all the water systems present in the area and no contaminated water was given to the public.



Our routine tests led to the detection of the issue and the same was communicated to the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We further held consultations with various other top water safety experts. Under their guidance and assistance, we have undertaken a number of steps to ensure that this issue is well addressed and will continue up until the water in this system returns to its normal levels. Regular usage of water at Gold Coast or High Camp will not resume until the health officials and other experts give the green light that the water is fully safe.



We care about the safety of all our customers and take the issue with a lot of concern as we do at all times when issues arise in our resort. As this issue continues being resolved, all our guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will get full and normal access to all the facilities and bottled drinking water will be availed free of charge.



Bumble Spreads In Different Directions With Whitney Wolfe Vision

Social media is expanding. It appears to be changing all the time. This is the obvious reason that people are checking out what Whitney Wolfe is doing with social media. She is changing the outlook on things for the millions of Americans that want to reconnect to other old friends or meet new people.

She is going to great extremes to connect people in a way that allows them to tap into a single app. The Bumble app has become quite a powerful app that Whitney Wolfe is planning to use for all of these different things.

With the original Bumble app it became obvious that people were interested in something different. With this creative app women make the first move. It would only be a matter of time before people realized that this was just the beginning of the Whitney Wolfe app. As time progressed the app Whitney would come up with was Bumble BFF. Then there was talk about the Bumble networking circle for making building connects. This would all become part of the Bumble circle of social media. People have become quite impressed with what Whitney Wolfe has done over the last couple of years with all of these concepts. She really wants her app to be the best in the industry.

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The Bumble app has made it possible for so many people to see the benefits of making a switch to one application platform. Other apps like Match and eHarmony are tied to a one dimensional service platform: dating. The Bumble app started this way, but Whitney Wolfe certainly has the ability to do more, and she is planning to build a multitude of platforms for the Bumble app. This is how she plans to maintain a competitive edge. She is changing the app world forever.

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Securus Technologies And Positive Customer Feedback

By having a company like Securus Technologies, the correction facilities are able to create much safer environments for both inmates and visitors for them. They created the Video Visitations, and the facilities are using it with great success. They are very pleased with the creation that the company has given them to use to make their facilities safer.


In an effort to allow their customers to see what they are working on at present, the company wants them to visit their Dallas, TX location for a tour and presentation. The people will get a chance to ask questions, and learn a lot about what the technologies will do for the safety field. This is also giving the customers more positive things to say about the company.


Securus Technologies is in high demand all across the country for their expertise in their field. The government uses them all of the time, and they are known the world over for what they can do. They are inventing new technologies on a weekly basis, and they are experts in the civil and criminal aspects of justice. On a yearly basis, the company deals with over a million prisoners using techniques like interviewing, videos, investigations and more. In the future, people will surely be hearing a lot more about Securus Technologies, and all the advancements they are creating for the public safety field.