Securus Technologies: Innovators For The Future

Securus Technologies headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is becoming one of the largest safety and security monitoring companies in the nation. Founded in 1986, Securus secures and protects their systems in over 3,400 facilities and monitors the conversations of 1,200,000 inmates. Securus specializes in: emergency response, information management, incident management, inmate self service, investigation, biometric analysis, and public information.

President and CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, has stated that Securus technologies support staff, researchers, and engineers are constantly inventing and redefining the way their brand of technology is being used. Programs are regularly updated, streamlined, and examined to see how they can run smoother and safer. Securus holds more patents than any other inmate communication company and are consistently applying to the U.S. Patent office for inventions of new technology.

The hard work by Securus staff has been paying off with the amount of positive reviews being received weekly from customers and facilities. Staff at facilities are happy with the many programs that allow them to record conversations, trace multiple calls, either from the same person or different person to the inmate in question, and voice recognition services to track the same voice over multiple phone calls. Customers are satisfied with Securus’s fully trained staff answering questions and in some cases providing information to law enforcement agencies helping solve acts of crime.

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Eric Lefkofksy: A True Success Story

*Eric Lefkofksy: Bright, Energetic Entrepreneur:

Eric Lefkofksy is a successful Entrepreneur as well as CEO of Tempus. In addition, Mr. Lefkofksy is also the co-founder of Tempus. Eric Lefkofksy is also the co-founder of Groupon and Echo Global. It is quite apparent that Mr. Lefkofksy has been quite successful within the world of business.

Eric Lefkofksy was also the co-founder of a successful Chicago based Capital firm called Light Bank. Lefkofksy graduated with a degree in business from the University of Michigan. Lefkofsky graduated from Michigan with top honors. He then made the decision to attend University of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofksy graduated University of Michigan Law School with a Juris Doctor in 1993 and more information click here.

It is quite evident that Mr. Lefkofksy is an ambitious and well educated man. Shortly after his graduation from Law School, Eric Lefkofksy and a close friend took out a loan to buy an apparel company in Wisconsin. Lefkofksy decided to name the company Brandon apparel company.

In 1999 Lefkofksy and an associate started a small Internet company. The company has moderate success. After a few years Lefkofksy and his then associate sold the Internet business. In 2000, Lefkofksy became the CEO of Halo Company. The Halo experience taught Lefkofksy that sometimes things can go wrong in business. However, Lefkofksy continued to work hard and he had a definite business goal that he wanted to achieve.

In 2001, Lefkofksy founded the company Inner Workings. Inner Workings was a mid sized company and over time the company achieved great success. The company achieved an initial public offering within the US Stock market. Lefkofksy remained on the board of directors at Inner Workings until mid 2012 and learn more about Eric.

The year 2005 and 2006 were quite successful for Lefkofksy. In 2005, Lefkofksy created a new company called Echo Global Logistics. In 2006, Lefkofksy also founded a media technology company appropriately called Media Bank. Media Bank provided clients with hi tech accounting and analysis software packages.

Media Bank was so successful they eventually merged to form a single company called Media Ocean. It seemed that Lefkofksy’s savvy business techniques paid off nicely over time. Media Ocean also became a big success and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

In 2007, Lefkofksy started yet another company called The In addition, Lefkofksy also provided over $1 million dollars to the for advertising and other expenses.

The eventually changed its name to The company was up and running for about 18 months when Lefkofksy decided to change the company name. In 2010, Lefkofksy founded yet another company called Light Bank. Lefkofksy decided to expand Light Bank within the Chicago area.

In 2011 Groupon was named one of the largest and most successful web companies since the introduction of Google. Eric Lefkofksy was also involved in private funding for businesses. Lefkofksy at one point raised over 80 million dollars which went to employees and private investors for private funding purposes.

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Nick Vertucci; the founder of NV real estate academy

People who have tried their luck in the real estate industry understand well it is not an easy affair. Although it is highly risky, the future returns are highly rewarding. The rewards can rake in millions of dollars; you just need to know how to do it the proper way. Thankfully, for those wishing to start investing in real estate Nick Vertucci has a real estate system that will change the lives of those wishing to start venturing into this area of business. The mastermind, Nick, has created a system on that has changed his life and made him a multimillionaire in real estate world.

Nick Vertucci was born in a regular income earning family that can be said only met his daily needs regularly. It took an unfortunate turn for his family, at the age of 10, when his dear old dad passed away. It was a huge challenge for his single mother to have to take the role of supporting the entire family. The mother was forced to work long hours to provide her family’s needs. This made Vertucci grow tough because at the age of 18 he was living on his own. As luck may have it, he got to selling computer parts which transformed into an attractive venture for him. He then later married her beautiful wife and was blessed with three beautiful kids. Sadly, luck ran out during the 2000 dot com crash which made him lose all his money.

One thing is clear about Mr. Vertucci is that he is not a quitter. After struggling for a while, he was invited to attend a seminar which was about real estate by a friend. In this seminar, Nick Vertucci got to learn a lot. Nick attests that he did not understand the real estate ropes at first, but considering he never gives up, he kept on pushing. He went ahead and gathered a lot of info about the real estate sector. Hence, based on his knowledge, Vertucci developed a system that enabled him to find a way to earn millions of dollars in real estate market according to

Nick Vertucci did not want to just benefit alone in this lucrative endeavor he had created. So he, like all the great men, wanted to create a legacy by teaching other people the all about the system so as it could benefit all of them when it comes to real estate investing. He has since established an academy where you can be taught the system and ways of gaining something in the world of real estate. Nick Vertucci is now one of the most and prolific real estate investors in the country.

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Samuel Strauch and His List of Cities with Best Suburban Neighborhoods

Samuel Strauch, a highly successful real estate consultant, broker, and investor, has shared the best places to have quality and affordable housing in U.S. While most people love to have it in suburban neighborhoods of the main cities with low crime rate, Samuel Strauch lists out the best choices of hot areas for quality housing. He listed Denver, Colorado as an excellent choice for housing and states that Greater Denver has vibrant sports scene along with cultural attractions, and it has a median price of $270,000 in Northeast Denver (ZIP code 80239). Samuel Strauch sees northeast to Wylie in Dallas, Texas (ZIP code 75098) another excellent choice with sprawling ranch-style houses and thriving nightlife. The area shows 26% savings from urban Dallas which has a median price of $501,500.

Dublin in San Francisco, California ((ZIP code 94568) is coming with median home price is $890,000 which is 22% less than the median price of the city. The area offers quick access to Bay Area using the Rapid Transit station, better air, highly-rated schools, popular night spots, etc. Samuel Strauch also sees Daffan in Austin, Texas as another great suburban neighborhood with 30% difference from the downtown. It has good colleges along with music options, and it comes with a median price range of $338,000. Palm River–Clair Mel in Tampa, Florida (ZIP code 33619) is another great choice for the moderate housing prices and excellent job market. While downtown Tampa has a median price of $350,000, the suburban areas show a price drop of up to 62% and more information click here.

Samuel Strauch is known for his quality real estate services ever since he made an entry into the industry. He has more than 15 years of experience in real estate sector and considered to one of the most successful real estate brokers in Florida. In 2002, Strauch founded his own real estate firm, Metrik, to offer development, acquisitions, equity sourcing, and brokerage and learn more about Samuel.

Samuel Strauch started his career with the banking industry and later shifted to real estate sector considering his family is into real estate industry, and he thought he could make a difference. Strauch completed graduation in Business from Hofstra University and also did his Executive Education from Harvard University and