Eric Lefkofksy: A True Success Story

*Eric Lefkofksy: Bright, Energetic Entrepreneur:

Eric Lefkofksy is a successful Entrepreneur as well as CEO of Tempus. In addition, Mr. Lefkofksy is also the co-founder of Tempus. Eric Lefkofksy is also the co-founder of Groupon and Echo Global. It is quite apparent that Mr. Lefkofksy has been quite successful within the world of business.

Eric Lefkofksy was also the co-founder of a successful Chicago based Capital firm called Light Bank. Lefkofksy graduated with a degree in business from the University of Michigan. Lefkofsky graduated from Michigan with top honors. He then made the decision to attend University of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofksy graduated University of Michigan Law School with a Juris Doctor in 1993 and more information click here.

It is quite evident that Mr. Lefkofksy is an ambitious and well educated man. Shortly after his graduation from Law School, Eric Lefkofksy and a close friend took out a loan to buy an apparel company in Wisconsin. Lefkofksy decided to name the company Brandon apparel company.

In 1999 Lefkofksy and an associate started a small Internet company. The company has moderate success. After a few years Lefkofksy and his then associate sold the Internet business. In 2000, Lefkofksy became the CEO of Halo Company. The Halo experience taught Lefkofksy that sometimes things can go wrong in business. However, Lefkofksy continued to work hard and he had a definite business goal that he wanted to achieve.

In 2001, Lefkofksy founded the company Inner Workings. Inner Workings was a mid sized company and over time the company achieved great success. The company achieved an initial public offering within the US Stock market. Lefkofksy remained on the board of directors at Inner Workings until mid 2012 and learn more about Eric.

The year 2005 and 2006 were quite successful for Lefkofksy. In 2005, Lefkofksy created a new company called Echo Global Logistics. In 2006, Lefkofksy also founded a media technology company appropriately called Media Bank. Media Bank provided clients with hi tech accounting and analysis software packages.

Media Bank was so successful they eventually merged to form a single company called Media Ocean. It seemed that Lefkofksy’s savvy business techniques paid off nicely over time. Media Ocean also became a big success and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

In 2007, Lefkofksy started yet another company called The In addition, Lefkofksy also provided over $1 million dollars to the for advertising and other expenses.

The eventually changed its name to The company was up and running for about 18 months when Lefkofksy decided to change the company name. In 2010, Lefkofksy founded yet another company called Light Bank. Lefkofksy decided to expand Light Bank within the Chicago area.

In 2011 Groupon was named one of the largest and most successful web companies since the introduction of Google. Eric Lefkofksy was also involved in private funding for businesses. Lefkofksy at one point raised over 80 million dollars which went to employees and private investors for private funding purposes.

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