Securus Technologies: Innovators For The Future

Securus Technologies headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is becoming one of the largest safety and security monitoring companies in the nation. Founded in 1986, Securus secures and protects their systems in over 3,400 facilities and monitors the conversations of 1,200,000 inmates. Securus specializes in: emergency response, information management, incident management, inmate self service, investigation, biometric analysis, and public information.

President and CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, has stated that Securus technologies support staff, researchers, and engineers are constantly inventing and redefining the way their brand of technology is being used. Programs are regularly updated, streamlined, and examined to see how they can run smoother and safer. Securus holds more patents than any other inmate communication company and are consistently applying to the U.S. Patent office for inventions of new technology.

The hard work by Securus staff has been paying off with the amount of positive reviews being received weekly from customers and facilities. Staff at facilities are happy with the many programs that allow them to record conversations, trace multiple calls, either from the same person or different person to the inmate in question, and voice recognition services to track the same voice over multiple phone calls. Customers are satisfied with Securus’s fully trained staff answering questions and in some cases providing information to law enforcement agencies helping solve acts of crime.

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