Life Line Screening and Preventative Maintenance

Life line Screening is a privately owned company that performs health and wellness screenings with an emphasis on preventing vascular diseases. They were founded in 1993, in Austin TX. Since then, they have performed preventative screenings on over 8 million patients across the United States. They employ board-certified doctors and skilled technicians to work alongside medical institutions and hospitals to reach their patients and more information click here.

Life line Screening offers ultrasounds of the carotid arteries, EKG screenings for atrial fibrillation, and a variety of blood tests to preemptively detect cardiovascular issues. The tests performed can offer information about risk factors before the patient experiences symptoms. The company is also working toward developing new screenings including those for lung health and aiding patients with type 2 diabetes.

According to Life Line Screening’s chief medical director, Dr. Andrew Manganaro, the company reports the results to several scientific journals. They also work with schools like the New York University School of Medicine and Oxford University in the United Kingdom to further their research. Manganaro spent years working as a cardiovascular surgeon before joining the company. In a recent interview he says, “Life Line Screening offers services that go much deeper than a standard physical” and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Through their screenings they are able to test patients before cardiovascular diseases become a problem. Asymptomatic patients are tested based on other risk factors like high blood pressure, age, family history, and diabetes. Life Line Screening uses advanced technology to ensure their screening methods are accurate and as non-invasive as possible.

Their community-based approach is designed to work in collaboration with hospitals and doctors in local areas, to offer alternatives for people interested in preventative healthcare. According to statistics provided in the interview with Dr. Manganaro, nearly 80 percent of strokes can be prevented, and 39 percent of strokes occur before the age of 65 and  Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.


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