Orange County Coast and Little Dougie

Orange Coast College is known for a bevy of unique properties and features that the Costa Mesa campus boasts, from their quality athletics to unique and noteworthy programs such as the horticulture department. This department is responsible for the spectacular phenomenon known to many as a corpse flower due to, you guessed it, its overwhelming, carcass-scented aroma. Known by its scientific name as the Amorphophallus titanum plant, this smelly flower has been at Orange Coast College since 2006 and goes by the nickname Little Dougie. Little Dougie weighs in at more than 30 pounds and nearly five feet tall, although some corpse flowers can get as big as 200 pounds. The native Indonesian flower from the island of Sumatra draws its overbearing odor from the pollination process naturally performed by beetles, but in Little Dougie’s case by hand. Projected for a late June bloom, the endangered flower makes its first bloom generally in a decades time and subsequently every three to five years after the initial bloom. Administration expected a bloom viewing turn out similar to 2014’s corpse flower bloom held on campus for the flower known as Little John in which over 1,000 guests attended.


Little Dougie is just a small piece of the many extraordinary bits that make Orange County College so unique and special. The campus located near the beaches of Southern California stands as one of the nations top community colleges, enrolling nearly 25,000 students per semester and transferring more students to the University of California and California State University than any other community college. The 164-acre campus is also home to one of the nation’s largest and most highly acclaimed public nautical programs. Additionally OCC’s highly competitive athletic department is lead by one of the nations top men’s rowing teams who finished fourth in this year national competition. In the past decade Orange Coast has won the Pepsi/NATYCAA Cup on two separate occasions, which is awarded based on overall program excellence within the state of California. OCC has also won the title of top overall men’s and women’s athletic program for the Orange Empire Conference a stunning 26 out of 30 years. No matter what one is looking for Orange Coast College offers something for everyone, and will continue to pursue academic, athletic, and recreational excellence in the future.


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