Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Revolutionizes the Treatment of Cancer

Almost every person in the world today has heard of cancer or experienced first-hand pain and suffering that befalls a cancer patient. It could be you suffering, a friend or relative. The menace of cancer affects not just the patient, but the people surrounding them too. This is because cancer treatment is very expensive, not to mention the emotional stress it causes.

It is for this reason that Dr. Mikhail set out to research extensively about any possible means of alleviating the pain that is associated with this deadly disease. His main focus was to try and offer patients affordable treatment options. Mikhail is a scientist, who has specialized in cancer and aging research. Throughout his career, he has made some very significant progress with his work. He hopes that his findings will be used by other researchers to continue with the search for an affordable and fully reliable treatment for cancer and learn more about Mikhail.

In his research, Dr. Mikhail hopes to find out how one can stop the growth of cancerous cells without harming the other surrounding cells. He is also working towards a theory that cancer is more prevalent in older people. He hopes to find a connection between cancer and aging, and from there, come up with a solution. According to him, soon, cancer treatment will not be reserved for the wealthy. Every person, regardless of their economic standing, will afford the treatment.

Recently, Doctor Mikhail recommended the use of Rapamycin to stop aging. The drug is currently being used to treat cancer only, but from his research, he has proven that it can have a broad range of usage. When used on animals, those that were treated with the drug lived longer when compared to those that did not. Rapamycin stops the genes that are responsible for aging in human beings. Diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease can also be decreased, as they are age associated illnesses and more information click here.

Rapamycin is not just an anti-aging medication. It also improves the immunity of the body, giving you a stronger position when fighting whichever disease that comes your way. By delaying the aging process, you will also delay the onset of all diseases that are age associated. It is also important to note that, Rapamycin also works by reducing production of cellular senescence, a hormone that is responsible for aging in humans. The drug also reduces the production of mTOR, which is a chemical compound whose production in the body accelerates aging, making you susceptible to age related diseases like cancer.

Dr. Mikhail is a respected cancer research scientist whose work is used by his colleagues as well as students. He was a professor of Oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail also served as an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College. He studied his M.D in internal medicine, and did his PhD in oncology and experimental medicine at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. Mikhail currently works at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and he is an editor who publishes many articles in the field of cancer and aging.

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