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On August 21, attorneys for the global activist group Avaaz issued a challenge to 21st Century Fox on their plans to purchase Sky. They are seeking an independent ruling on the plans that Rupert Murdoch has to acquire the remaining stock of SKY, according to a letter from the attorneys that was sent to the Office of Communications for the United Kingdom. The letter goes on to state that the ruling by Ofcom contained serious flaws in facts and law that were presented on this issue.

Since its beginnings in New York in January 2007, the global activism group Avaaz has mobilized over 44 million citizens in 194 countries around the world to work on issues that include poverty, climate change, human rights, and helping refugees. Their Linkedin, Based in the United States, they use the internet as a tool to organize their members to respond to issues that are of concern to the global community. The group was co-founded by the American public policy advocacy group, MoveOn.org, and by Res Publica. Avaaz is now considered to be the largest online activist group in the world.

Avaaz doesn’t have to go by someone else’s agenda when it comes to deciding on what issues to focus on. They are completely funded by its members and donations are not accepted from any government or corporate entity. Avaaz’s budget is 100% funded through online donations, and since the donations are not tax deductible, the organization has a more powerful voice on issues of a political nature. Avaaz has also donated to other groups if they were in a better position to help others, such as organizations to stop the spread of Ebola and conservation groups working to protect the Amazon rainforest and learn more about Avaaz.

More Visit: http://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/avaaz/


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