Daniel Taub- best Israeli diplomat

Daniel Taub will go down memory lanes as the best diplomat to have ever represented Israel in any mission outside of the country. His role as a diplomat was successfully executed. He was appointed to represent Israel in the United Kingdom. His appointment was great for his country since he was appointed to represent Israel in a country where he was born. Daniel Taub had been born in the United Kingdom in 1962. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1989. This is after he had completed his education in the country. When he moved to Israel. His first role was to serve in the military. He worked as a medic officer. He was later moved to the law division of the military. As a trained international lawyer, Daniel Taub had great knowledge on application of international law. In many cases that his expertise was needed. He served Israel in various position under the ministry of foreign affairs. His role in the office included being deputy principal legal adviser in the ministry. Daniel Taub executed his mandate of serving Israel in a great way. This is a responsibility that earned the position of ambassador to the United Kingdom



Daniel Taub worked very hard in ensuring that the interest of his country were catered for. In his position in the office of the diplomat. He made sure that Israel gained a lot from the diplomatic relations. When he took office in 2011. Daniel Taub did not mince his words. He worked diligently and made sure Israel got maximum benefits. One of the biggest achievement that he made while he was in office is that he managed to make the trade between the two countries double. Daniel Taub worked very hard to ensure that goods from Israel found a market in the United Kingdom.



By the time he left office, trade stood at $7 billion in a year. This achievement was credited to Daniel Taub. As a diplomat, he knew that his role was to make the relations between the countries better. He had to ensure that the countries shared a lot not only in trade but also in academic research and cultural interactions.



Another achievement that he made was that the number of Jewish business in the country expanded. There was over 3000 business by the time he was leaving the office of the ambassador in 2015. Daniel Taub was a staunch Jew who believed that the Jewish community deserved to be treated just like any other community in the world.


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