Securus Technologies Praised by Past and Current Clients

Securus Technologies Inc. started receiving a lot of recognition for its products and services early on in its wok. The company is based n Dallas, Texas and opened doors in 1986 in the industry of safety tech solutions for civil and criminal justice.


The owner of the establishment is Mr. Richard A. Smith who has had many years of experience in the telecommunication sector and is currently serving as CEO of the corporation. The company has started working on a vast number of projects most of which are for providing inmates with a better incarcerated experience and a better quality of life while in prison. CEO Rick Smith has been at the forefront of these projects as he has a clear view of the steps that need to be taken in order to reach their goal.


Meanwhile, Securus Technologies, Inc. is continuing to release newer products on the market marked by innovation and problem solving. One of the latest products the company has put out is for prevention of unauthorized connection to the wireless internet in prisons. Inmates acro the U. S. have increasingly started using contrabanded cell phones to live stream on social networks over the past year. The presentation tool that Securus Technologies put out has drastically lowered that.


Securus Technologies is praised highly by its clients. The comments of prison official family and friends of inmates., as well as the inmates themselves, and business owners have expressed that the products and software of the corporation make them feel safe and gives them a peace of mind about their businesses or homes.


Business owners of small and medium-sized companies have been able to make their work more secure as well as monitor for the honesty of their employees more efficiently because of Securus Technologies and their safety solutions and services.


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