Adam Milstein: Building a Foundation of Success

For any endeavor to succeed, it takes a strong foundation built through hard work, commitment, and knowledge. This is especially true with philanthropy, which entails a number of these and other aspects to equal success. For people like Adam Milstein, he exhibits these and other qualities in everything he does. Whether working with families to learn about Jewish values or helping raise funds so that young children can have the opportunity to get a quality education, Adam demonstrates all the qualities needed to help make the world a better place in which to live.


The Family Foundation

Realizing that strong families are the key to successful lives, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila set out to establish an organization that would help with this cause. The result has been the Milstein Family Foundation, which in its years of existence has educated and trained students of all ages to use their Jewish heritage and values to strengthen not only their families, but also the schools and other groups to which they belong. By helping people gain facts and knowledge about the world around them, Adam Milstein and his Family Foundation are laying the groundwork for success in the lives of people everywhere, and


Creating Partnerships

If there is one thing Adam Milstein has learned in his many years of business and philanthropy, it’s the importance of creating strong partnerships among people from many diverse backgrounds. Because of this, he continually looks for ways to bring more and more philanthropic organizations together to initiate and complete a variety of projects. These have included conducting fundraisers for various Jewish schools and organizations, as well as working with various nonprofit groups to help people overcome poverty and other struggles in life.


The Impact of Empathy

By displaying a true empathy for others, Adam Milstein has been able to use his excellent philanthropic skills to build bridges among numerous groups in need of help. As he continues to look for new ways to help people around the world, there is little doubt the Jewish community and many other people will reap the benefits of his assistance, and his Facebook.

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