Hussain Sajwani Finds Success In Luxury Real Estate With Impressive Partnerships

Taking a pioneering approach to business is something Hussain Sajwani has always been able to do as he has made a successful career across a range of different industries. After graduating from the University of Washington in the U.S., the DAMAC owner returned to the Middle East to begin a career in the oil and gas exploration industry which was shortlived as he soon began to feel the need to begin his own entrepreneurial ventures across the world.


In 2002, the government of Dubai opened up the possibility of foreign nationals owning property in the desert city for the first time; the Hussain Sajwani family immediately identified this as the first step in entering the luxury real estate market in a major way and immediately set about purchasing land for a market the patriarch of the family understood to be most lucrative.


The DAMAC Properties founder quickly became known in the real estate industry when he purchased land in an undeveloped area of Dubai and created a successful first luxury apartment building which would be entirely sold long before ground was even broken on the project. Over the course of that first construction project, Hussain Sajwani developed a strong business model which has remained in place throughout his time as a real estate developer and led to him remaining successful even at times when the markets crashed.


One of the most successful areas of concern for Sajwani and his business partners has been developing new ways of partnering with globally-represented brands such as the Trump Organization and Versace Home. Both brands have recently partnered with DAMAC Properties to create a new luxury lifestyle way of living including the desire for greater involvement in the way the luxury markets are growing across many different markets. The success of the DAMAC empire across different markets from hotels to catering has resulted in the brand becoming one of the best-known in the Middle East and offered Hussain Sajwani the chance to speak at the Davos summit of entrepreneurs and political leaders.

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