Roberto Santiago and His Fantastic Leadership for Manaira Shopping

We have multiple numbers of essays hat we can say about the popular owner of the Manaira Shopping mall in Brazil, Roberto Santiago. Let’s try to write here some of the pertinent information about the leadership of the owner and the mall he manages.



The Leadership That Excels



We read from 12 Social that the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall has the leadership that goes beyond the usual. It may be because of the disaffected way that he deals with his business and the fact that he always takes things lightly. He makes sure that the business operations that he has can deliver results that his clients, stakeholders and other clients would need.



It also helps that Roberto Santiago has many interests, because he can apply what he has learned from the many areas of his other interests to the operations in his business. What you probably don’t know from Roberto Santiago is that he’s a sportsman as well as a consecrated businessman. He’s a man of many facets. But this doesn’t mean that he’s already forgetting the disparate responsibilities necessary for him to make Manaira Shopping one of the leading shopping districts in Brazil.



Where It All Started



It may be said that the dream of Roberto Santiago for Manaira Shopping started when he founded it last November 1989, which is located in the area of Joao Pessoa, a location that greatly contributed to the growth of the business. Why is it successful? Because it is composed of eleven movie theaters and it has an up-to-date 3D-enabled system that’s ingrained with the state-of-the-art projection technology today.



You can also expect that there’s not going to be any level of disrepute that you’ll experience when we’re talking about Manaira Shopping. Why would that be when the mall is replete with VIP rooms and 3D rooms that would please even the most conspicuous and divisive of all moviegoers?



It is also because of the wonderful work of Roberto Santiago that the Manaira Shopping is now recognized as one of the gigantic and ominous commercial enterprises in the world. With its 300 stores and a lot of space for development and progress, it’s hard not to be excited with what Manaira Shopping has been growing and innovating lately. If anyone with dour humor would say that Manaira Shopping is just a product of a fluke and luck, then the fact that Roberto Santiago has been around for years and leading the shopping mall is genuinely an already fantastic indication that he’s got what it takes to drive.



Indeed, Roberto Santiago is a man of entrepreneurial pursuits, and he’s the man that should have all the power and responsibilities to make Brazil’s largest shopping mall sustain its gains.



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