What Makes Daniel Taub Tick As A Top Diplomat

Daniel Taub knows very well what needs to be done, when and how as long as it is related to matters diplomacy and international law. He has a wealth of experience in different aspects that are related to the two subjects.

He was born in the United Kingdom and schooled there up to university level where he graduated with a law degree. Upon graduating, he decided to go to Israel since he was a descent and contribute to nation building as he was looking for professional work he opportunities.

The first job he got when he arrived in Israel was as a field medic officer for the country’s army. He was good at it and actually performed more than it was expected at him. Around the same time, he got another opportunity to work in the same organization as a junior legal officer.

In the second job, he performed very well to an extent that he was noticed by the presidential team and offered an opportunity to work as the president’s speechwriter.

This is the job that propelled him to the top in the sense that it offered him a lot of exposure and also made it possible for him to interact with people close to power. However, what really made him tick was his ability to perform exceedingly well and prove to his bosses that at all times, he was up to the task and ready for bigger and more exciting opportunities. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

In the year 1990, the Foreign Ministry appointed him as a legal officer. He accepted the position and worked in tandem with the government’s policies in reaching for peace agreements, heading delegations, representing the nation in international law engagements among others. He was good at the job and time after time, he was rewarded with even bigger positions in the ministry.

However, the epitome of them all came when he was appointed to represent his nation in the United Kingdom in an ambassadorship position. As expected of him, he was very good at the new job and represented the nation fully and diligently.

He is happy that in his tenure as ambassador, he was able to achieve a lot. Daniel says that he went beyond all limits to see to it that whatever needed to be done was done provided it was within the confines of law to improve on Israel as a whole. He is now an acclaimed author and public speaker.

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