Hussain Sajwani and Real Estate Development Genius

Hussain Sajwani is a high-profile real estate developer who has been highly active in the scene since the early 2000s or so. He also happens to be the incredible talent who is behind the widely recognized company that’s known as DAMAC Properties. He resides in Dubai in the sunny Middle Eastern nation of the United Arab Emirates. He’s been an instrumental figure in the growth of the sparkling metropolis as well. Dubai has a reputation for upward mobility in the modern day and age. Contractors from all corners of the planet visit it for work purposes all of the time. People regularly flock to Dubai to enjoy leisure activities of all varieties, too. The shopping opportunities in Dubai abound. The high-quality dining opportunities in the city abound as well. People who want to satisfy their cravings for authentic and top-quality Middle Eastern, French, Italian and East Asian cuisine can all have wonderful experiences in Dubai.


Hussain Sajwani takes a decidedly international approach to real estate development with DAMAC. He’s been part of many luxurious and enviable developments scattered all throughout the Middle East region. The DAMAC owner is constantly searching for options that can help DAMAC Properties grow even more internationally as well. America is in his sights right now. He gives the European continent a lot of attention, too. Hussain Sajwani has working relationships with some of the most easily identifiable individuals in the world. Current United States President Donald Trump is one massive example. The twosome have been involved in golf courses together. Hussain Sajwani likes to plan DAMAC golf courses that are convenient, contemporary, spacious, imaginative and deluxe. He likes to work on golf course design with some of the sport’s most influential individuals as well. He can count prominent golfer Tiger Woods among his plentiful DAMAC work collaboration partners.


Hussain Sajwani has lived in the Middle East for most of his adult life. He has a college education that’s 100 percent American, though. He did a lot of studying at the University of Washington when he was young. This was the result of a scholarship that was given to him by his nation’s government at the time. The Hussain Sajwani family is one of his biggest loves.


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