Whitney Wolfe Herd’s New Policy As Bumble’s CEO Is To Swipe Away Guns From User Profiles On Its App

As CEO and founder of the company that developed the dating app, Bumble, Wolfe was adamant about creating an app for daters that was non-threatening, and one where women could initiate dialogue. If a pairing between a man and woman match, the woman must make the first move. Wolfe was also co-founder and vice president of dating app, Tinder, before leaving that company in 2014.

Whitney Wolfe believes in making sure that community members who use her dating app feel at ease. That was Wolfe’s hope when she created the Bumble app in 2014. And it is also the reason why Wolfe is taking a stand against firearms being included in users’ profile pictures.

Because of Whitney Wolfe’s strong opinions on firearms, a new policy initiated at Bumble wants to cut out user profiles that include them. Ironically, those Bumble app users with official military or law enforcement backgrounds will be given a pass on this new policy. Whitney Wolfe’s policy on banning profile pictures with firearms was initiated after the rash of shootings in the United States. And especially the most recent mass shooting that occurred in February, at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

In terms of how the new policies on Bumble pertain to other content and filtering, the app already filters out images of weapons like knives, nudity, hate speech, and phony photos used as profiles, instead of real one’s.

Bumble will monitor users’ profile pictures that include images of firearms with the help of nearly 5,000 people worldwide. These monitors will go through and make sure that the profile images match this new policy. Wolfe also wants to cut out any mention of firearms expressed in written content from the app, eventually.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and attended Southern Methodist University, where she majored in International Studies.

In 2017, Whitney Wolfe married Michael Herd in Italy. Herd is a restauranteur and businessman whose focus is on the oil and gas sector. Whitney Wolfe first met Herd in person at a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado, and not virtually, through a dating app.

Wolfe continues to be creative and add new lines of business with Bumble. In March of 2016, Wolfe launched Bumble BFF, a by-product of Bumble, but with a platonic, friendly-focused twist. She also launched Bumble Bizz, a woman-first tenet for professional networking and dating within the career world.

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