OSI Industries CEO Sheldon Lavin Pleased With Opening Of Massive Gen OSI Plant

Sheldon Lavin has worked hard to make OSI Industries one of the most respected brands in meat processing and production and he was proud to join with the company’s Philippines partners GenOSI when they cut the ribbon to open a brand new plant. This new plant was built to replace an older one that had been operating in the Philippines since the early 1990s, but now production will all but double what it was at the previous facility due to a larger facility and processing technology upgrades. It will also have an advanced kitchen research center and very large refrigeration storage centers on-site. Lavin says this completion is going to supply that region with even more meats while also building on OSI’s mission to deliver quality tasting meats while adhering to strong safety and environment management, and lacrosse camp Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin has made many savvy investments in meat processing plants throughout the world and bought and partnered with smaller distribution companies whose goals align with those of OSI Industries, but that it isn’t where he started out at. He once thought acting as a bank advisor and later an independent consultant would be where his career would stay forever, but that all changed when he met the founders of Otto & Sons back in the 1970s. Otto & Sons is what OSI Industries was originally named and Lavin’s original purpose in working with the company was to help it get a loan so it could built its first large processing facility. From the time the loan was procured to when the company first started building plants outside the US, Lavin was merely a part-time consultant there, but his financial knowledge and insights prompted the owners to ask him to take over more responsibilities at the company, and eventually he became CEO, Chairman and owner when the previous owners decided to completely sell the company, and http://www.wattagnet.com/articles/26154-osis-sheldon-lavin-receives-global-visionary-award.

Even though Sheldon Lavin didn’t know much about the processing phases for beef, pork and poultry or even the restaurant and supermarket industries as a whole, he had seen what a family-run company was like at Otto & Sons and he knew he could continue running it like that but with improvements to its investment strategy. He believed right from the start that he could turn the company into a large one, and that’s just what he did as OSI Industries currently ranks number 50 in total international food wholesale companies, and number 10 in the meat market. Lavin has won several awards for making OSI Industries big including the Global Visionary award, and his gifts to charities like the Jewish United Fund and the Ronald McDonald House made him the the winner of the Edward C. Jones Community Service award, and more information click here.

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