Benefits of Traveling Via Fagali’I Airport

     The Fagali’I Airport is located in Fagali’I, Samoa and was recently reestablished to benefit Samoa Air. As interconnected as the Fagali’I Airport is to the rest of the world (closest airport is the Faleolo International Airport which is 29 kilometers and the furthest away is the Zinder Airport which is 19,936 kilometers), it is unlikely that the Fagali’I Airport will be unsuccessful. As there are many concerns surrounding the Fagali’I Aiport in regards to environmental issues and possible economic burden to local communities, there is an abundance of raw potential that surrounds this area which provides immediate relief against the negativity enveloping this region.

Not only is the country of Samoa so incredibly vast in its natural beauty, there are also many places to visit surrounding the Fagali’I Airport. To begin with, an individual could visit a Samoa cultural village only 2.2 miles away from the airport. If you are interested in discovering the beauty within Samoa, a person could experience the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve only 1.7 miles away. Many events to participate in, including deep sea diving, travel tours, and sightseeing all contribute to the potential success of this local region.

Although Fagali’I Airport has only one runway, many different airlines participate in this company. Renowned airlines such as Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, and Fiji Airways have flight paths to this locality. As this airport is small in size, it is still the second busiest airport in Samoa. With the influence and success this airport has, it is very likely that the upsizing and continual progression will flourish in this airstrip.

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