The Chainsmokers Personalize EDM

The Chainsmokers are an EDM group that has broken down barriers of what EDM is often thought of being. They’ve personalized the genre. Their music does not make them invisible the way many EDM artists become -and often choose to become- within their music. EDM artists often become faceless and somewhat detached from fans in a way because they use a series of other lyricists and singers. They are involved in the songwriting of each of their songs. The duo -made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart- have differentiated their music from other EDM crafters by actively placing their own vocal tracks into their music. This gives them more voice and connection to their songs comparatively to other EDM artists.

The latest Chainsmokers songs are made up of the group’s own words and their vocal tracks, as well as a few collabs with other groups, vocalists, and lyricists. The duo’s latest album is Memories Do Not Open. Memories Do Not Open contains numerous collabs, including one with the British alternative rock band Coldplay. Their collab witb Coldplay is titled Something Just Like This. The song is about desiring someone simple and not something over the top. The theme of the song is that no one needs a legend. All of us need someone real.

The duo has put a considerable amount of time into their new album. The album is more personal and darker in tone compared to their past work like Closer, #Selfie, or Roses. The album confronts realities about fame, life, the media, and the darker parts of social media controlling our actions and our sense of self worth. They wanted to delve into the darker parts of their own lives. They realized many other people are going through similar struggles so they confronted these issues so they could connect with their fans further with this particular album rather than just create danceable electronic music.

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