Achievements of Jeremy Goldstein

In modern times it will be difficult to talk about the corporate law without mentioning the name of Jeremy Goldstein. As a result of his prowess and understanding law, Jeremy is a partner at Jeremey L. Goldstein & Associates. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The law firm is among the prominent institutions in dealing with litigations arising from the compensation, offering guidance in corporate governance, executive compensation among other aspects the business day to day activities.

Primarily, Jeremey Goldstein is the brain behind the success of the law firm, and as a result, he was elected to become the chairman of the Mergers and acquisition Sub-Committee of the Business Section in the American Bar Association.

Over the last ten years, Jeremey has worked with most large corporates in America as the negotiator in the course of closing business deals that require the guidance of the counsellor.

In the USA is ranked among the top leading executive compensation lawyers. The success of Jeremey is attributed to the quality of education he has since he is a holder of B.A. and an M.A. from Cornell University and Chicago University. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein – Twitter

Recently I had an opportunity of interacting with Jeremey, and my main quest was to understand where he got the idea of initiating the JLG Associates.

In his response, he said the thought of commencing the JLG Associates was propagated by the high demand of the service in the market. The demand for attorney services in matters related to the executive compensation created the need for the formation of the JLG Associates to address such needs.

In his line of career, he has taken part in negotiating some of the most significant mergers and acquisition deals in the history of the American economy. For instance, some of the acquisition deals that the Jeremy Goldstein was involved include the Goodrich acquisition by the United Technologies, Sanofi-Aventis/Genzyme, Merck/Schering plouging Corporation, South African Breweries plc/Miller Brewing Company among others.

Besides being a lawyer and having other significant engagements, Jeremey finds the time and gives the lectures and conferences on the aspects such as the corporate governance and executive compensation.

Besides, Jeremey is among the legal advisor of the Board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business. As a result of his competence in law, he sits on many boards where he advises on the legal matters. Across the country, he is involved in charity work with bodies that are dedicated to aiding in the recovery of men and women with a mental challenge.

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