The Inside Scoop On Drew Madden And 2018 ON IT AND HEALTHCARE

Technology is a field that’s always changing, due to the inherent nature of technology to consistently seek advancement and improvement. Everything related to technology is full of innovation, as tech companies try their damnedest to obtain and ride out competitive advantages through new, innovative developments.

The world of healthcare, including everything about it, ranging from its practice to research – we’re talking about anything and all things associated with medicine and healthcare, including things as simple and generally unrelated to hands-on patient care as using customer relationship management software to book appointments and conduct marketing campaigns for private practices’ patients – depends heavily on new technology.

Here are just a few trends in healthcare IT that are expected to “stay poppin'” throughout 2018.

Patients’ logs of data mines by programs and websites will begin giving helathcare organizations help in predicting what services they might need in the future.

Telecommunications will begin hosting far more visits between practitioners and patients in 2018.

Lastly, widespread device integration will reign true around the industry all throughout 2018.

The Hottest Healthcare Information Technology Entrepreneur Out There, Mr. Drew Madden

“Successful Healthcare IT Entrepreneurs,” Alex, For $200

He grew Nordic Consulting Partners from 10 employees to 725, dating back to his arrival in 2010 to his departure in 2016 for Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This leading healthcare information technology executive even managed to cause a massive change in annual revenues for Nordic Consulting Partners, up from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000.

Who is “Drew Madden?”

If you guessed. Mr. Drew Madden to the above question, you’re correct. Congratulations! He also earned Nordic Consulting Partners numerous KLAS Awards for Consulting Excellence, as well as Epic Implementation Services, the latter of which was won twice, in both 2012 and 2014.

Mr. Drew Madden has also worked for Ingenix, part of insurance giant United Healthcare, served various small businesses in their initial development, and Cerner Corporation, where Madden’s career in healthcare IT was initialized. Madden attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering, graduating with a four-year, bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, minoring in Medical Systems.

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