Who Is InnovaCare Health And How Can It Help Puerto Rico

Who Is The Popular InnovaCare Health Group


InnovaCare is a managed healthcare provider and one of the largest in North America with over 500,000+ beneficiaries. They focus on managed healthcare with an emphasis on deep rooted personal physician services along with managed care. Their physician services also specializes in strategic planning that has made them one of the top Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare industry. Their patients get the necessary medical care they need under a comprehensive plan that is in conjunction with any state medical coverage including Medicare and Medicaid services. Talk to one of their friendly professionals about the Medicare risk program to avoid losing coverage.


InnovaCare Leader Meets With President Donald Trump On HealthCare In Puerto Rico


Many people believe relief efforts in Puerto Rico have been slow including the lack of healthcare services. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Executive Officer for InnovaCare, was one of eight women chosen to speak at a healthcare summit at the White House. She quickly spoke to the president about federal healthcare laws and how amendments could help thousands of Puerto Rican residents that are lacking sufficient insurance. Their roundtable discussion included increased funding for Puerto Rican’s in need of affordable healthcare. The InnovaCare Healthcare MMM health plan is one of their most popular managed healthcare plans.


Kokkinides insists, many natives may be forced to leave the island for the states which could increase Medicare cost two or three times, its current average. A surge in medical beneficiaries in the United States could cost an estimated 1 billion dollars. Kokkinides, is confident CMS, representing the Trump Administration on healthcare, will do what’s in the best interest of the local area people. Their strategic healthcare model has been designed to put the needs of their beneficiaries first. Get the industry’s leaders in managed healthcare with InnovaCare today.


Learn more about exclusive InnovaCare Health beneficiary plans for you and your family. Their managed healthcare plan works in the background of state medical coverage with extra coverage including vision and dental services. You’re invited to get the personalized physician services that you need with affordable prices at InnovaCare today.

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