A Successful Career Story of Banker Anil Chaturvedi.

When people like Anil Chaturvedi are in college, they have no guarantee of their life after studies. Anil completed his degree in economics and graduated with first class honors. The accomplishment encouraged him to pursue further a master’s degree in financial management. That is when he identified his passion in the banking industry. Soon after his master degree, he was qualified to have a managerial position. The State Bank of India offered him a job in the department of development and planning.

Anil did his first job so diligently until the bank honored him with the annual best employee award. Anil had worked on the marketing strategy until the bank reaped $500 million in four years. This achievement opened an executive opportunity for Anil and he was promoted to vice president in ANZ Grindlays Bank. Anil’s career began in India but later relocated to New York.

Working in New York was the peak of Anil’s career because it offered him exposure and numerous working experiences. Some of the employers in New York had global ventures. This was yet another opportunity for Anil to learn and gain experience in managing international business. Part of his responsibility was formulating investment plans for elite people. During this time, Anil availed private banking for overseas Indians. As he honed his skills, Anil continued gaining favor with his employer. He was appointed to be an advisor in an organization with the largest wealth management business.

Anil Chaturvedi has also worked in Geneva for Hinduja Bank. While working here, the bank grew and expanded internationally. It also participated in mergers and acquisition all over the world. Marketing strategies being Anil’s specialty, Hinduja benefited from this talent. Today, the bank remains successful because of the brilliant and excellent work by Anil.

Anil Chaturvedi may seem so successful in his banking profession. It did not just happen by being an ordinary employee. Although he had two degrees, academic qualification was only one step to the long journey ahead of him. His success was a result of hard work and patience. Many people give up after a short time, which hinders them from prospering.


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