Doe Deere, Queen of the Unicorns

Nicknamed β€œThe Queen of Unicorns”, Doe Deere was born Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk Russia on June 15th, 1981, but later moved to New York City at age seventeen. Deere dropped out of school at the Fashion Institute of Technology to concentrate being an independent fashion designer for her ebay account. She got the idea to create the bright and colorful makeup Lime Crime is known for, to compliment the bright and colorful fantasy inspired clothes she modeled for her website, stating that the bright and colorful makeup she wanted to match with the clothes were hard to come by at the time. Although she had dropped out of school, Deere used what she had learned to her advantage, saying that she learned and understood the flow of fashion trends, using them in marketing, as well as going through an experimental phase with her creative side. In 2008, Deere started creating her vegan and cruelty free eyeshadows, blush, glitter and primers for her eBay store. She promoted her makeup by publishing online makeup tutorials and hosting makeup and jewelry giveaways. When asked about where she got her inspiration for her makeup, Deere mentioned that she was inspired by not only fashion, but also fairy tales, which influenced her to make the official Lime Crime logo to be a unicorn. Deere had claimed she uses a unicorn as a mascot for her brand because β€œit represents individuality. rare beauty, and kindness to all animals.” which is what she wanted to promote with her vibrant and cruelty free makeup. The tutorials Deere published online quickly became popular and by 2009, Deere hit the jackpot and never looked back. To this day, Lime Crime is a very successful company and Doe Deere was listed as an inspiration and an example of making your passions your successes.

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