Robert Deignan Builds A Business To Solve Peoples Issues With Technology

Robert Deignan is a Florida-based entrepreneur in the technology sector. After graduating from high school he started attending Purdue University in 1992. He was able to graduate just three years later with a degree in organizational leadership. It was just three years later that he started his first business, Fanlink. His company enabled people to buy tickets to sporting events using just their flip phone.

In 2001, Robert Deignan joined the software company iS3, Inc. This company develops antivirus and antimalware tools. He was the executive vice president of this company and he says his time with this company developed his knowledge of technology further along. One of the big things he learned in this role was in regards to technicians taking remote control of people’s computer systems in order to install antivirus and antimalware software.

Robert Deignan stayed at iS3 for ten years before deciding to strike out on his own once again. He established his next business, ATS Digital Services, LLC, in August 2011. His business, which is based in Boca Raton, helps people keep their computer systems operating in a stable and smooth condition. People can call his company and a technician will remotely access their computer in order to troubleshoot any problems that are going on with it. Once they fix any problems they also install software that prevents future problems from occurring.

Since he established ATS Digital Services it has expanded what it offers to people and businesses having problems with their devices. Robert Deignan’s company can now help people having issues with things such as smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi devices, thumb drives, and more. It has basically evolved into a one-stop-shop for resolving problems with every type of technological device. Most of what his company does is handled remotely but they can also send out technicians to do things such as setting up a speaker system or getting an LCD tv mounted on a wall.

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