Rocketship Education Ensures that Technology is Being Properly Used in its Schools

Figuring out the best ways to utilize technology can be a challenge for most schools. Teachers can use modern technology such as smartboards, projectors and computers to instruct students. Students can utilize the internet for research, play software based educational games and manipulate tablets for learning. There are multiple choices that can be used for digital learning.

Rocketship Public Schools were originally known as Rocketship Education. This is a charter school chain that was started in 2006 by two forward thinking individuals. John Danner wanted children in economically challenged communities and educationally deficient neighborhoods to have a stronger school experience. He believed that the public schools in low-income neighborhoods were not doing their job to educate children who lived in these economic conditions. Preston Smith held the same view regarding education.

Smith and Danner introduced Rocketship because they wanted to help some underprivileged children to get ahead in life. Both men are very familiar with technology and how important it is to the learning process. Danner also helped to start up another tech related company called NetZero. So, he fully understands how critical it is to use technology. Besides he has a tech related degree as an electrical engineer from Stanford University.

Rocketship uses technology because it does help students to learn. The school supports students from K – 5. Each grade level has access to computers, tablets and other digital media to learn about math, science and language. They have access to the internet, so they can search for just about any school related subject imaginable.

Students at Rocketship do not spend all of their time with technology. They primarily learn from teacher related instruction. Hands on projects and even peer learning is also a part of the environment. Technology use at Rocketship charter schools is often used to enhance the learning experience. In some cases, it might dominate how children receive knowledge. However, the use of technology at Rocketship Education is never out of control. The staff will not allow computers and tablets to replace good old fashion teaching and learning.

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