Graeme Holm and His Amazing Debt Fixes

From thousands vying for a spot on the distinguised list of innovative companies by the Australian Financial Review, Infinity Group Australia emerged at number 58.



It was back in 2013 when Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker sat together to establish Infinity Group Australia. Today, they are known as one of Australia’s quick rising companies involved in reducing debt. They have helped a number of regular Australians in cutting back on their loans, working on better finances and securing a better future. It does not come as a surprise why the Australian Financial Review or AFR has dubbed them as one of the most innovative for the year 2018.



Behind the success of Infinity Group Australia is a man whose career in financial services has spanned 17 years. Graeme Holm has had accreditations in finance, including real estate and even financial planning. Working close to a decade in some 4 major banking environments, Graeme felt the limited mobility in pushing only single branded products as well as the limited service offerings. Graeme was quite taken aback by the reality that most families only receive dismal deals from so called financial institutions in Australia. His further frustration though turned to inspiration when he decided to start up his own company where he could fix one family at a time and change the lives of many Australians who are financially challenged.



Aside from bagging a place in the very reputable list of AFR, Infinity Group Australia’s Graeme Holm was also recognized as an MPA Top 100 brokers nationwide. Add to that, in 2018, Graeme Holm obtained Customer Service Management within IQPC.



According to Graeme, Infinity Group Australia’s goal is to become a somewhat personal trainer for finances which then evolved them into a topnotch innovator and a trendsetting financial entity in Australia. Infinity Group has been committed to the whole customer experience which they strongly believe is the core foundation of their success. This particular approach for them has produced results where all of their clients were able to pay their home loans more in the first 3 months than they ever did in the entire year when they were still tied down to the structure of the old bank. Clients are able to eliminate a sizable amount of debt in just 12 months.



Being selected from over a thousand companies across the Australian region and as far as New Zealand, Infinity Group’s ranking was carefully assessed by Inventium, which incidentally is Australia’s leading consultancy when it comes to innovation. They have judged and consolidated the list together with a panel of experts in the industry. Nominations were rated on how they are able to fully address whatever problem they are trying to fix. They also considered the quality and even uniqueness of how they were able to solve the problem. Other factors considered were the real world impact and its innovative culture including strategies, resources and processes.



This honor of being 58th puts Infinity Group Australia among the top 5.8% of all those who were shortlisted for the distinction. Learn more:

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