Wesley Robert Edens is a businessman and an investor from America. He was born in the year 1961 October 30th, and he went to the University of Oregon state and attained a degree in business administration and a B.S in finance that is in 1984. Wes Edens began career from 1987 where he worked as the managing director and also he was a partner at the Lehman brothers until 1993 when he resigned. Wesley later joined the Blackrock private equity where he was the managing director and still a partner until 1997. Along with his four partners, Peter Briger Jr, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Michael Edward in 1998 Wes Edens created the fortress investment company. The fortress company is worth 43billion dollar currently and it started as a real firm and succeeds to a managing financial asset that includes hedge fund, liquid equity, bond, and private equity.

Eden serving as the company’s co-chairman and the co-chief executive has helped the company to succeed in a big way. The Aston Villa team had an agreement with Wes Edens together with Nassef Sawiris who is also a businessman. The deal was to invest in the group to attain their goal which was to make the team successful in the future. Even the Aston Villa team they were looking forward to having an exploration in the business world and also have many collaborating deals that would help the team is growing. The two businessmen were willing to do anything for the team to boost its success and also maintain its history due to the respect they had for the loyal fans like the both of them.

Wes, Nassef and Dr. Tony who is the chairman of the team agreed to work together so and strengthen the team squad and have strategies that will help them play in the games for the upcoming season and return the Aston villa name to where it was previously. The Brightline is a private company owned by the fortress company where Wes Edens is a co-founder, and it is a train system that carries passengers in the country. It’s advantageous because it is electric and moves in high speed, it only a 30 minutes’ drive, passengers are comfortable on the seats, services offered on the train and also there is free Wi-Fi. Wes Edens’ plan is to see the Brightline extend its stations in different towns and also do some improvement changes in the service department.

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