The Brief History Of OSI Food Solutions

It was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant, just two years after he arrived in the US. It started as a small family business or family butchery in Oak Park, Chicago. From here the business grew rapidly due to its positive and consistent customer relation. One if it’s first big client was Ray Kroc, the father of Mcdonald’s fast food chain back in 1955. Then, the company went by the name Otto and Sons and was relocated to May Park still in Chicago. In the early 1970s and Sons became a large scale meat processor and the name was later changed to OSI industries/ OSI food solutions.

In the US, the OSI food solutions have plants in Iowa, West Jordan, Riverside, Wisconsin, Oakland, etc. It’s international headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. OSI food solutions produce and brand its own produce as well as co-brand produce that it Co-produces with other food processing industries. The products include bacon, ground beef patties, hot dogs, pork and other meat products.

In Europe, OSI food solutions were expanded to a number of countries through acquisitions and purchases. For the German and Netherlands market, OSI purchased Baho Foods, deli meats, and snacks processing company that already had a market there. Baho Foods is present in about 18 countries and its partnership with OSI food solutions will cater to dynamic customer needs and increase OSI’s market. The Flagship Europe, now known as Creative Food Europe, is another acquisition that played a major role in increasing the OSI’s food market in the UK.

Awards and Recognitions.

In the 2016’s competition for the British Globe of honor, OSI’s efforts in environmental risk management were recognized and awarded. The food solutions were the winner of the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The audit for the competition requires that participants achieve the five stars for risk management in the workplace.

These food solutions were also been acknowledged for highlighting the quality of its products and customer service from when it started. Its products are still enjoyed worldwide through mainstream fast food chains.

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