Securus Technologies at the Forefront of their Industry

Over the past handful of years, the company of Securus Technologies, Inc. has been maintaining a streamlined success that had not gone unnoticed. The company has been receiving a tidal wave of praise by the thousands of clients it is serving.


Up to date, more than 3, 500 institutions are taking advantage of the services that Securus Technologies provides. Those institutions include public safety as well as law enforcement, correctional facilities and other agencies. Across North America, Securus Technologies is providing services to nearly a million and a half inmates. Securus Technologies offers incident management, emergency response, investigation and public information, as well as analysis, communications services, and much more. Securus Technologies is hugely dedicated to expanding their services and providing the best they can. Recently the company published news about their rates for phone calls and video chats. The company had lowered their rates significantly which came as great news to the people who had been using their services or have been wanting to try them out. That resulted in an increase of the number of clients which only added to the positive reviews that the company had been receiving as of late. Securus Technologies, Inc. has the goal of making the world a safer place as well as to help business owners protect both their businesses and private grounds.


Securus Technologies, Inc. has been investing in the well-being of the company and so it has been achieving a number of successful acquisitions which have helped increase the reach of the business. The company reached a milestone in their efforts in 2016, as reported by the chief executive officer of the establishment Mr. Richard “Rick” A. Smith. CEO Rick Smith has been on top of Securus Technologies for a few years now, and he has improved the business considerably. It is expected that company will continue to thrive.


Securus Technologies: Innovators For The Future

Securus Technologies headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is becoming one of the largest safety and security monitoring companies in the nation. Founded in 1986, Securus secures and protects their systems in over 3,400 facilities and monitors the conversations of 1,200,000 inmates. Securus specializes in: emergency response, information management, incident management, inmate self service, investigation, biometric analysis, and public information.

President and CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, has stated that Securus technologies support staff, researchers, and engineers are constantly inventing and redefining the way their brand of technology is being used. Programs are regularly updated, streamlined, and examined to see how they can run smoother and safer. Securus holds more patents than any other inmate communication company and are consistently applying to the U.S. Patent office for inventions of new technology.

The hard work by Securus staff has been paying off with the amount of positive reviews being received weekly from customers and facilities. Staff at facilities are happy with the many programs that allow them to record conversations, trace multiple calls, either from the same person or different person to the inmate in question, and voice recognition services to track the same voice over multiple phone calls. Customers are satisfied with Securus’s fully trained staff answering questions and in some cases providing information to law enforcement agencies helping solve acts of crime.

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The Securus Technologies That Helps Prevent Crime

I have discovered that Securus is one of the most successful companies that has helped a whole lot of investigators resolve crimes in prison. When it comes investigators there is a lot of stuff that is happening on the inside. Fraternization seems to be a big thing that leads to a lot of other crimes. I think that it is easier for investigators to utilize this type of software because it can help stop illegal activities.


There is some phone call monitoring software that has become very popular. The is the type of technology that is designed to help investigators when it comes to drug sales. There are inmates that have made drug transactions from inside of the prison. That is something that the Department of Corrections can stop with the phone call monitoring software.


Millions of inmates are using the software from this Texas-based company called Securus Technologies. I believe that this is software that was needed for the prison system. Securus presents investigative software that can reduce crime in the neighborhoods and inside the prison. I believe that this is one of the most interesting companies because it continues to create innovation in every area of prison technology.


Securus is a company that has 250 patents. There is technology that is available for video visitation. There is also software that is available for call monitoring. All of these different things make it possible for the Department of Corrections to improve things inside of the prison system. I think that this is type of company that will reduce crime and relations inside of the prison. I believe that this company is certainly one of the best when it comes to new technology for the Department of Corrections. It is a company that can stop criminal connections from flourishing.


Securus Technologies And Positive Customer Feedback

By having a company like Securus Technologies, the correction facilities are able to create much safer environments for both inmates and visitors for them. They created the Video Visitations, and the facilities are using it with great success. They are very pleased with the creation that the company has given them to use to make their facilities safer.


In an effort to allow their customers to see what they are working on at present, the company wants them to visit their Dallas, TX location for a tour and presentation. The people will get a chance to ask questions, and learn a lot about what the technologies will do for the safety field. This is also giving the customers more positive things to say about the company.


Securus Technologies is in high demand all across the country for their expertise in their field. The government uses them all of the time, and they are known the world over for what they can do. They are inventing new technologies on a weekly basis, and they are experts in the civil and criminal aspects of justice. On a yearly basis, the company deals with over a million prisoners using techniques like interviewing, videos, investigations and more. In the future, people will surely be hearing a lot more about Securus Technologies, and all the advancements they are creating for the public safety field.