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Samuel Strauch and His List of Cities with Best Suburban Neighborhoods

Samuel Strauch, a highly successful real estate consultant, broker, and investor, has shared the best places to have quality and affordable housing in U.S. While most people love to have it in suburban neighborhoods of the main cities with low crime rate, Samuel Strauch lists out the best choices of hot areas for quality housing. He listed Denver, Colorado as an excellent choice for housing and states that Greater Denver has vibrant sports scene along with cultural attractions, and it has a median price of $270,000 in Northeast Denver (ZIP code 80239). Samuel Strauch sees northeast to Wylie in Dallas,Continue Reading

George Soros: Investing in a Better Society

Many people know George Soros for his investment strategies and analysis. He is one of the most successful businesspeople in the world, with a net worth valued at billions of dollars. The Hungarian-born entrepreneur is the chairperson of the Open Society Foundations. He’s also the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. George Soros’ contribution towards political causes A recent article on the Business Insider termed Soros as a target of the right. The post explained the perception of the right-leaning and the left-leaning politicians. The leftist see him as a rich person who supports various liberal causes. The right wingContinue Reading

Why Hussain Sajwani Rocks!

Aside from the United Arab Emirates being a beautiful place, it remains home to equally beautiful people. Moreover, successful entrepreneurs flock to the country to get a taste of its wealth. With the country’s luxurious villas and properties, millions of people from around the world flock to this nation. In particular, Hussain Sajwani remains a noteworthy figure. For those unaware, Sajwani remains a successful billionaire that hails from the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, Sajwani remains the founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties. In addition, DAMAC Properties serves as an international property development company. Upon reviewing the credentials of Hussain Sajwani,Continue Reading

Bob Reina Develops Tools and Uses Marketing Skills

Even highly skilled businessmen need the tools to be successful. This is something that Bob Reina has understood. When he decided to start his own business, he wanted to look for ways to make marketing easier for entrepreneurs. One thing he has found is that video is one of the best tools to use for marketing. After all, people do get a lot of information from video sources. While well written information can give a good picture of any product, it is video that actually helps people make the decision on whether they want the product or not Learn More:Continue Reading

CEO Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, begun like most other dental practitioners—at the bottom of the ladder.

Baffled by the issues introduced in both the Sole Practice and Group Practice models of dentistry, Dr. Villanueva established MB2 Dental Solutions. He needed dental practitioners to have the capacity to “… return to being dental practitioners…” and still receive the rewards and intuition of their clinical gifts and drive. According to Crunchbase, MB2 Dental Solutions was established on the vision of joining the positive qualities of sole specialists and gathering hones while moderating the negative attributes of each. Since its origin in 2009, MB2 has gone from vision to reality with 75+ representatives and more than 60 subsidiary workplaces.Continue Reading

Troy McQuagge is Recognized by One Planet Awards

When Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Advisors, a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, the public was optimistic that he would elevate the company to its present leadership status. After his appointment to head the distribution agency, he laid down innovative strategies to restructure the company. Troy achieved much success with the agency prompting his promotion to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, a leading insurance holding company. Recently, Troy was named the Gold winner of the CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards seeks to recognize business and professional excellence in all industries. The entityContinue Reading

The Securus Technologies That Helps Prevent Crime

I have discovered that Securus is one of the most successful companies that has helped a whole lot of investigators resolve crimes in prison. When it comes investigators there is a lot of stuff that is happening on the inside. Fraternization seems to be a big thing that leads to a lot of other crimes. I think that it is easier for investigators to utilize this type of software because it can help stop illegal activities.   There is some phone call monitoring software that has become very popular. The is the type of technology that is designed to helpContinue Reading

Beneful Dog Food Coupons Can Help Save Money Overtime

Owning a dog is not a cheap investment. No one said it would be cheap to own a dog however, there are cheaper ways to be able to support your dog. If you want to save money over time, the use of Beneful coupons is one way to help you to save money over a long period of time. If you have a membership plan to a wholesale store, you will be able to also use coupons on the dog food as well. There are many different sites online that will allow you to join and print your own couponsContinue Reading

Norman Pattiz, Expanding PodcastOne With Market Research And Advertising

Norman Pattiz is a man who has had a significant impact on the media since it’s humble beginnings with the radio. In fact, Norman is known for pioneering some of the biggest radio channels in the country and is known for being a prominent member in the field of advertising. His radio channels were known to be the leading broadcasters for numerous top sporting events in America like the Superbowl and the NBA. But because of the dawn of youtube and other sites which can give their listeners the ability to listen to music whenever they want, the humble radioContinue Reading

Changing Your Life, Like Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a motivational investor who likes to impact others. Although he is from the Miami area, he has traveled all across the country with work. He is really excited about some of the projects that he is working on in his life. Not only that, but Samuel Strauch passionate about real estate and real estate investing. He sells real estate in Miami, and this is one of the hottest markets in the country today. With all of the changes that have started to take place in this area, Samuel Strauch is really happy with what he is doingContinue Reading




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