Troy McQuagge is Recognized by One Planet Awards

When Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Advisors, a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, the public was optimistic that he would elevate the company to its present leadership status. After his appointment to head the distribution agency, he laid down innovative strategies to restructure the company. Troy achieved much success with the agency prompting his promotion to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, a leading insurance holding company. Recently, Troy was named the Gold winner of the CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards seeks to recognize business and professional excellence in all industries. The entity recognizes outstanding performance in PR, marketing, new products and services, teams, and executives. All organizations are eligible to participate in the awards program and more information click here.

About Troy MCQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a Florida-based corporate executive and shrewd entrepreneur. His tremendous success at USHEALTH Group draws on his 30 years of experience in sales-related positions. In his early career, Troy rendered his services for Allstate Insurance before joining UICI/Health Market. At USHEALTH, Troy develops innovative health insurances that targets clients who are below 65 years. In addition, McQuagge was recognized by the CEO World Awards as the CEO of the Year in insurance during the Annual 2016 CEO awards ceremony. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has received several awards, including the Stevie Awards and what Troy knows.

USHEALTH Group underwrites and sells individual health insurance coverage and other products to self-employed individuals and small business owners. They offer fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health cover, critical illness, accident and income protection solutions, and dental insurance. The company has been in operation for over 50 years. Over the years, the group has served over 15 million people. Troy has played an integral role in ensuring that USHEALTH Group develops a broad range of coverage that are tailor-made to address the specific needs of the clients. In addition, McQuagge has played an instrumental role in enhancing the company’s customer service. USHEALTH is reputable for its ability to create long-term relationships with clients. The company maintains its leadership in an environment that is dominated by high customer turnover and less customer loyalty. The company has a highly trained team of professionals, who guides clients to purchase covers that align with their needs.

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The Securus Technologies That Helps Prevent Crime

I have discovered that Securus is one of the most successful companies that has helped a whole lot of investigators resolve crimes in prison. When it comes investigators there is a lot of stuff that is happening on the inside. Fraternization seems to be a big thing that leads to a lot of other crimes. I think that it is easier for investigators to utilize this type of software because it can help stop illegal activities.


There is some phone call monitoring software that has become very popular. The is the type of technology that is designed to help investigators when it comes to drug sales. There are inmates that have made drug transactions from inside of the prison. That is something that the Department of Corrections can stop with the phone call monitoring software.


Millions of inmates are using the software from this Texas-based company called Securus Technologies. I believe that this is software that was needed for the prison system. Securus presents investigative software that can reduce crime in the neighborhoods and inside the prison. I believe that this is one of the most interesting companies because it continues to create innovation in every area of prison technology.


Securus is a company that has 250 patents. There is technology that is available for video visitation. There is also software that is available for call monitoring. All of these different things make it possible for the Department of Corrections to improve things inside of the prison system. I think that this is type of company that will reduce crime and relations inside of the prison. I believe that this company is certainly one of the best when it comes to new technology for the Department of Corrections. It is a company that can stop criminal connections from flourishing.


Beneful Dog Food Coupons Can Help Save Money Overtime

Owning a dog is not a cheap investment. No one said it would be cheap to own a dog however, there are cheaper ways to be able to support your dog. If you want to save money over time, the use of Beneful coupons is one way to help you to save money over a long period of time.

If you have a membership plan to a wholesale store, you will be able to also use coupons on the dog food as well. There are many different sites online that will allow you to join and print your own coupons from home. If you own your own printer, you will simply need to download the coupons that you want printed to your laptop or desktop and then print them out.

Printed coupons from home will be accepted by a number of stores however there are a few stores that do not accept printed coupons, if you are not sure if the store will accept the coupons or not, you can call the store and ask if they accept printed coupons.

If you receive the local Sunday paper, there are usually a few dog food coupons in the paper. There will be a number of different papers that will include a variety of dog food choices. The other option is that you shop at a store where they offer a discount when you purchase using a shopper’s card. This card will allow you to save either by loading coupons directly onto the card or by simply using the card.

If you want to shop online, there are several different websites that you can shop on where they will deliver dog food directly to your home. These same sites will also offer a way to apply coupons or promo’s to the price of the dog food.

Norman Pattiz, Expanding PodcastOne With Market Research And Advertising

Norman Pattiz is a man who has had a significant impact on the media since it’s humble beginnings with the radio. In fact, Norman is known for pioneering some of the biggest radio channels in the country and is known for being a prominent member in the field of advertising.

His radio channels were known to be the leading broadcasters for numerous top sporting events in America like the Superbowl and the NBA.

But because of the dawn of youtube and other sites which can give their listeners the ability to listen to music whenever they want, the humble radio started dropping as a medium of mass communication.

Norman, however, wanted to show the world that the radio is still prevalent in this area of digitalization and decided to rebrand it as a podcast. Bringing this idea to fruition is his podcast company PodcastOne, which is one of the top podcast networks in the country.

Norman has partnered with numerous famous personalities from the field of media and film to collaborate with him and give his listeners quality content that they won’t get elsewhere. The podcast network has partnered with some of Hollywood’s biggest names like WWE star Chris Jericho, to give his listeners a diverse range of shows to choose from.

But when the podcast network took off, Norman felt like it still did not meet his expectations of what the future of podcasts or radio should look like. He thus decided to give advertisers a place to showcase their products, making the podcast network one that gains a lot out of advertising revenue.

It also currently holds the position as one of the top advertising driven podcast companies in the country. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:—gEnNaaBqfWHbk/

But to make his podcast network succeed, and to get more listeners and advertisers in the mix, Norman paired up with Edison Research to conduct an in-depth market analysis to show the impact that these ads have on the people listening to these podcasts.

The results showed extremely high recall rates for a number of the products that were being advertised in the middle of their audio shows. By also knowing what products have a higher recall rate among the customers, Norman can now get in more advertisers with products that sell among his audience members.

According to Bloomberg, by making the podcast network more advertiser driven, Norman Pattiz can rake in the revenue he needs to invest into quality content to give his audience an all-around entertaining experience with PodcastOne.

Changing Your Life, Like Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a motivational investor who likes to impact others. Although he is from the Miami area, he has traveled all across the country with work. He is really excited about some of the projects that he is working on in his life. Not only that, but Samuel Strauch passionate about real estate and real estate investing. He sells real estate in Miami, and this is one of the hottest markets in the country today. With all of the changes that have started to take place in this area, Samuel Strauch is really happy with what he is doing to help others. A lot of people are excited about what he is adding to his business to be able to help others.

About Samuel Strauch

There are some people in life who just succeed at high levels no matter what they do. Samuel Strauch has always wanted to help other people in a variety of areas in life. He truly believes in what he is doing, and he wants to make sure that other people understand how much he can do to help in this process. If you are ready to build wealth at a high level, real estate is a great place to go. Now is a great time to make a difference in the future of your earning potential and finances. With some small changes, you can really start to see a positive impact of change in your life and career. Overall, he is a great person to learn from if you want to change your life.

Personal Development

Another subject that Samuel Strauch is passionate about is personal development. Over the years, he has done a great job of helping others in a variety of ways. With the changes that have started to happen in his life, he is really excited about what is next.


Equities First – Reaping of Stock Loans Benefits

Stock loans grant borrowers the versatility to get to the dashed up value of their traded stock position without having to offer their position in the public stock market. The stock loan program at Equities First Holdings is created especially for associations and people with high stock values and searching for dire financial help. The organization’s fundamental goal is to help you get the best financing in today’s business market. If you’ve never considered stock loans or share financial service, Equities First will help you to understand how the alternative & modern-day service works and in the meantime benefit from the service. In addition, the organization goes an additional mile in ensuring you reap from the terms and rates you merit and read full article.

Equities First Holdings teams up with borrowers on issues of loans, ensuring the process is quick, clear and completely customized. Loan procedures can be used for individual or commerce purposes or to improve or even bolster present stock positions. Your stock value is utilized as security after which the loans’ funding is simple and quick. Loans terms rely evaluation of future execution and dangers associated with the securities that are committed as collateral. The loan terms are normally three years, and come with fixed installments. Equities First stock loans are non-recourse, hence, borrowers have the option of moving from loans’ commitment without further liabilities.

If there should arise an occurrence of a loan defaults, the company does not in this manner send your reports to credit bureaus or governmental agencies as it is basic with conventional sorts of loans to loan defaulters. To the individuals who are not ready to clear their loans, entirely are no unfavorable outcomes. Equities First sufficiently gives you guidelines on the legitimate and expense issues required with stock loans. Contact the company today and enjoy the modern world product of alternative lending and contact it.

Review of the Statement Issued by Squaw Valley on the Upper Mountain Water Quality

Squaw Valley released a detailed statement in response to claims that coliform and E. coli bacteria were found in the drinking water available in the upper mountain area of Squaw Valley. This health concern was reported by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8. The water has undergone consistent treatment from then and is improving well. Wesley Nicks, Placer County Environmental Health director spoke to Sierra Sun on the issue. He stated that three out of four wells serving the upper mountain contained coliform in low levels but E. coli was not found. Apart from the closure of restaurants at upper mountain and skiers banned from drinking the water until the situation was contained, no other major health issues were observed.



Statement on the Water Quality at Upper Mountain, Squaw Valley



In October, unusual heavy rain storms affected a number of water systems found in Placer County. This led to the inundation of a water system that had been upgraded and installed during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. This was the only water system that got contaminated out of all the water systems present in the area and no contaminated water was given to the public.



Our routine tests led to the detection of the issue and the same was communicated to the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We further held consultations with various other top water safety experts. Under their guidance and assistance, we have undertaken a number of steps to ensure that this issue is well addressed and will continue up until the water in this system returns to its normal levels. Regular usage of water at Gold Coast or High Camp will not resume until the health officials and other experts give the green light that the water is fully safe.



We care about the safety of all our customers and take the issue with a lot of concern as we do at all times when issues arise in our resort. As this issue continues being resolved, all our guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will get full and normal access to all the facilities and bottled drinking water will be availed free of charge.



Bumble Spreads In Different Directions With Whitney Wolfe Vision

Social media is expanding. It appears to be changing all the time. This is the obvious reason that people are checking out what Whitney Wolfe is doing with social media. She is changing the outlook on things for the millions of Americans that want to reconnect to other old friends or meet new people.

She is going to great extremes to connect people in a way that allows them to tap into a single app. The Bumble app has become quite a powerful app that Whitney Wolfe is planning to use for all of these different things.

With the original Bumble app it became obvious that people were interested in something different. With this creative app women make the first move. It would only be a matter of time before people realized that this was just the beginning of the Whitney Wolfe app. As time progressed the app Whitney would come up with was Bumble BFF. Then there was talk about the Bumble networking circle for making building connects. This would all become part of the Bumble circle of social media. People have become quite impressed with what Whitney Wolfe has done over the last couple of years with all of these concepts. She really wants her app to be the best in the industry.

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The Bumble app has made it possible for so many people to see the benefits of making a switch to one application platform. Other apps like Match and eHarmony are tied to a one dimensional service platform: dating. The Bumble app started this way, but Whitney Wolfe certainly has the ability to do more, and she is planning to build a multitude of platforms for the Bumble app. This is how she plans to maintain a competitive edge. She is changing the app world forever.

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Securus Technologies And Positive Customer Feedback

By having a company like Securus Technologies, the correction facilities are able to create much safer environments for both inmates and visitors for them. They created the Video Visitations, and the facilities are using it with great success. They are very pleased with the creation that the company has given them to use to make their facilities safer.


In an effort to allow their customers to see what they are working on at present, the company wants them to visit their Dallas, TX location for a tour and presentation. The people will get a chance to ask questions, and learn a lot about what the technologies will do for the safety field. This is also giving the customers more positive things to say about the company.


Securus Technologies is in high demand all across the country for their expertise in their field. The government uses them all of the time, and they are known the world over for what they can do. They are inventing new technologies on a weekly basis, and they are experts in the civil and criminal aspects of justice. On a yearly basis, the company deals with over a million prisoners using techniques like interviewing, videos, investigations and more. In the future, people will surely be hearing a lot more about Securus Technologies, and all the advancements they are creating for the public safety field.



March Madness Betting Odds with Covers

The Internet is filled with all types of betting websites. Covers is the website that I have been using for the last several years, and it has become the staple that has made it possible for more people to take interest in betting on March Madness games.

I have some teams like Villanova and Syracuse that I bet on all the time, regardless of the statistics that are shown on Covers. There are other times, however, when I check out the statistics on the Covers website to secure the type of information that I need to place bets. I like to find out about the March Madness point spread. I need to know about the odds because I bet on a lot of Cinderella teams. Everyone will not totally embrace this concept on betting on the teams that are lease likely to win, but I think that this is a good think to consider.

So many people basketball fans go for the college teams like Duke and North Carolina. These are the teams have been known to win championships in the past. Much of the greatest of these teams has to do with the coaching. That is what most basketball fans overlook. When the coaches for some of these top teams disappear it becomes futile to bet on these teams. Any team has a shot when you remove the essential element that is helping the winning team make it to the finals. I have used Covers extensively to analyze the matchups, and I know that my betting odds are better when I take the information from these different teams into account.

The Internet has made it easy to find old game footage on college basketball. People can even see the scores of the different games from previous March Madness matchups. The reality, however, is that most games are going to be played in a way where you just never really know until the last points are scored. When my team wins a game like this it is such a rush. I don’t get all of my teams during March Madness, but I do get quite a few of these teams thanks to the statistics that I get from the Covers website. This is an informative betting site that has changed the way that people place bets on March Madness odds. It is one of the most helpful betting sites that I have found.