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Dick DeVos is far more than a mere politician

Dick DeVos is widely known for his involvement in Republican politics. This is largely the result of two main factors. The first is DeVos’ own run for the governorship of Michigan. In 2006, self-financing nearly his entire campaign, DeVos ran for governor against the strongly popular incumbent, Jennifer Granholm. Although he lost, the closeness of the race and the fact that a traditionally Democratic state was willing to give so much of the vote to a largely independent candidate was testament to DeVos’ skill and work ethic.   However, DeVos never really revisited politics after his brief flirtation with it.Continue Reading

The Houston Hurricane Cleanup Efforts Find New Support From Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is among Houston’s wealthiest citizens and he’s earned his big business reputation from from running a major oil drilling company in Nabors Industries with a global portfolio. But he earned the respect of many other citizens in Houston when he started a relief effort fund to help the city come out of hurricane Harvey’s damage. Petrello opened up an online fundraiser and helped raise over $175,000 to help the city to which he also matched out of his own pockets. He also gave the employees of Nabors Industries time off with compensation to help cleanup in the daysContinue Reading

Luiz Carlos Trabuco- The Genius Behind The Success Of Banco Bradesco

You haven’t seen a real leader until you Meet Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current president at Bradesco Bank. He was among top-rated CEOS in Brazil. He leads Banco Bradesco which was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar. He joined the bank in 1969 and worked as a teller. He was later promoted to be Chief Executive Officer for his excellent customer service and leadership skills. Boards and Advisory Roles Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a natural leader. Luiz has been a leader on many boards. He was the was the chairman of the board of directors of Odontoprev S.A and laterContinue Reading

The Inside Scoop On Drew Madden And 2018 ON IT AND HEALTHCARE

Technology is a field that’s always changing, due to the inherent nature of technology to consistently seek advancement and improvement. Everything related to technology is full of innovation, as tech companies try their damnedest to obtain and ride out competitive advantages through new, innovative developments. The world of healthcare, including everything about it, ranging from its practice to research – we’re talking about anything and all things associated with medicine and healthcare, including things as simple and generally unrelated to hands-on patient care as using customer relationship management software to book appointments and conduct marketing campaigns for private practices’ patientsContinue Reading

Achievements of Jeremy Goldstein

In modern times it will be difficult to talk about the corporate law without mentioning the name of Jeremy Goldstein. As a result of his prowess and understanding law, Jeremy is a partner at Jeremey L. Goldstein & Associates. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://medium.com/@Jeremy_Goldstein and http://identyme.com/JeremyGoldstein The law firm is among the prominent institutions in dealing with litigations arising from the compensation, offering guidance in corporate governance, executive compensation among other aspects the business day to day activities. Primarily, Jeremey Goldstein is the brain behind the success of the law firm, and as a result, he was elected toContinue Reading

The Chainsmokers Personalize EDM

The Chainsmokers are an EDM group that has broken down barriers of what EDM is often thought of being. They’ve personalized the genre. Their music does not make them invisible the way many EDM artists become -and often choose to become- within their music. EDM artists often become faceless and somewhat detached from fans in a way because they use a series of other lyricists and singers. They are involved in the songwriting of each of their songs. The duo -made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart- have differentiated their music from other EDM crafters by actively placing theirContinue Reading

U.S. Money Reserve offers means of real asset protection through precious coins

U.S. Reserve is one of the most respected purveyors of fine coins in the United States. With over a decade of satisfying customers, U.S. Money Reserve has helped people acquire some of the most important original coin issues of recent history. From its Queen Elizabeth II official commemorative coins to the only U.S.-endorsed official Pearl Harbor coin recently minted, U.S. Money Reserve is a leader in the distribution of rare and semi-rare coin issues throughout the United States. All U.S. Money Reserve coins are legal tender There are many reasons to purchase fine coins made of precious metals such asContinue Reading

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Things Will Get Worse before They Get Better

Shervin Pishevar made some grim predictions about the US economy in early February 2018. He sent out 50 tweets in 21 hours anticipating stock market crashes, systemic economic stasis, and inflation. He feels that many of the challenges that the US is facing have to do with nationalism, cultural trends, and politics. Is it worth it to listen to Shervin Pishevar? Gundlach predicts a 3% yield on the 10-year Treasury will spell the end of the bull market https://t.co/iVWb7KCgQ2 — Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) March 18, 2018 Shervin Pishevar is a super angel investor, philanthropist, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He isContinue Reading

Benefits of Traveling Via Fagali’I Airport

     The Fagali’I Airport is located in Fagali’I, Samoa and was recently reestablished to benefit Samoa Air. As interconnected as the Fagali’I Airport is to the rest of the world (closest airport is the Faleolo International Airport which is 29 kilometers and the furthest away is the Zinder Airport which is 19,936 kilometers), it is unlikely that the Fagali’I Airport will be unsuccessful. As there are many concerns surrounding the Fagali’I Aiport in regards to environmental issues and possible economic burden to local communities, there is an abundance of raw potential that surrounds this area which provides immediate relief againstContinue Reading

Dick DeVos Article Recap

Dick DeVos, the former President of Amway and current CEO of Windquest Group, has just been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s new civilian board panel. The Management Advisory Council for the FAA has 13 members from all different backgrounds, but many of whom come from policymaking and aviation within Washington. DeVos now joins them to help inform the FAA on policies, spending, regulations, and other issues facing the aviation industry.   As the airline industry battles an air fare war, there are many questions on how stable the industry is and what can be done to help the aviationContinue Reading




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